MSD - Master's Degree in Sustainable Development
The University of Basel broke new ground with the commencement in the 2005/06 winter semester of the unique, specialised master's degree in sustainable development.
From fall 2010 on, the MSD establishes new admission criteria and a modified curriculum.

Contributing to sustainable development is a contemporary challenge that must be approached in an interdisciplinary manner. Thus in addition to specific disciplinary competences, the master’s programme draws on aspects of sustainability that are generated by the natural, social and economic sciences.

Methodological aspects of the curriculum include the analytical and integrative skills and knowledge necessary to work on complex questions relevant to sustainability, together with reflexive skills and proficiency in dealing with instruments. Considerable importance is additionally placed on competences in communication, team development and project management in order to facilitate constructive work in transdisciplinary settings.
The next information day at University of Basel with presentation of the MSD takes place on 11.01.2018

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Admission and Application

Let’s start! Revised Master in Sustainable Development will begin mid September 2017

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